Problem Prioritization

Fighting abuse is not a skill problem, it is a will problem. Rather than being taught anything… we as children are told. We are told… and scolded if we don’t… to adopt an alien systematic of bad habits… or else. And all for our own blissfully ignorant good… they say! This telling us to obey or else… equates to that we only ever struggle with our dualistic understanding of the universe and life that we are told to focus on. So, even if we do make all the right choices, there is always the chance and maybe even the guarantee of making the complete opposite ones as well. Transcend beyond this alien agenda and… think… how can I… we… scale this set of knowledges and knowhows together up to maximum effect in achieving our true potentials as individuals and groups!?

Evil will ever rely on our ineffective willpower. It knows we have been raised to be complacent when it comes to fighting against evil… because working together is not necessary to stay stuck in the dualistic mental process of “Am I happy?” No… fighting against evil is not a happy task.

As a child, do you ever recall anyone arming you with knowledge of abusers at or to[ward] (not of) children? Probably, not once! This is because rather than eat that frog *… most parents and teachers would just simply not step up to bat at that plate. No, let the children be blissfully ignorant! I never think about it. Why should my child?

* “If it’s your job to eat a frog, it’s best to do it first thing in the morning. And if it’s your job to eat two frogs, it’s best to eat the biggest one first.” {Mark Twain)

As a parent, as a teacher… as a human being… it IS your job!

Because… children are at the front lines in a war of good (innocence) versus evil. Empowering children with the knowledge and knowhows they need to avoid and evade abusers at or to[ward] children… is the same as arming front line soldiers in a war with the tools and support systems they need to win!

WHAT am I talking about?
Problem prioritization = tackling the most important and urgent problem first, together.

WHEN are we going to really talk about evil?

WHERE are we going to fight against evil?
Everywhere we can!

HOW can we work together more effectively against evil?
With intelligent minds and courageous hearts!

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