The Semantics of Sexual Abuse at or to[ward] a Child (SAaotaC)

The problem is two-fold. One… there is such a thing as SAaotaC (Sexual Abuse at or to[ward] a Child; pronounced: ‘say-o-tatch’). Two… pseudo-scientific abusage of legal and professional semantics (the study of the meanings of words) is being used as an embolstering mechanism by those perpetrating and perpetuating, even unwittingly… and even on a societal […]

Problem Prioritization

Fighting child maltreatment (abuse and neglect) is not a skill problem, it is a will problem. Rather than being taught anything… we, as children, are told. We are told… and scolded if we don’t… to adopt an alien systematic of bad habits… or else. And all for our own blissfully ignorant good… they say! This […]