“Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.”
{3 John 2 (King James Version, 1611)]

QUICK QUESTION: When you look at the clock, do you say, “It’s onlyo’clock!” (like a bitch) OR do you say, “It’s alreadyo’clock!” (like a boss) … ?

Your answer to this question tells you everything you need to know about your attitude

[at (double time!) + it + you’d (if given an opportunity]

toward FREEDOM!

What exactly is attitude? ATTITUDE is the way you look at your most precious resource… which is of course… your time.

So… are you a bitch (making someone else rich by trading your time for less than you are worth) working a job (just over broke)?
Or… are you a boss (choosing your own worth) working your own dream?

Do you look forward to the end of the day? [It’s only… o’clock!]
Or do you find ways to maximize your time? [It’s already… o’clock!]

You will never beat TIME. Time is the constant. It is indominable. But time can ALWAYS be used more wisely. It’s ok not to know exactly what to do right now. We will get to that.

WISDOM = being in the moment and letting everything you do be in preparation for what you are going to experience next!




The vision of TOPC can be restated again and again in any myriad of ways, and is thus… said in but one way… to provide tools and support systems facilitative of the acquisition of the full suite of qualities of character—and too, the riches needed to act upon those qualities.

The goal is FREEDOM.

So pay the price now. No more self-sabotage.

Don’t look back on your life in 10 “fun” years and realize it was time you could have better spent.

Drop the distractions and make as much progress as you can toward FREEDOM every day.

Let me just give you a practical example of a scenario or activity that most people deny themselves the pleasure of performing even once! Ready? Imagine… better yet… write down on paper all the things you would do if money was not a limiting factor. Seriously, don’t keep your dreams confined to what you believe you can or will be able to afford; seeing is non-empirical.. remember that. Because if everybody dreamt only as big as they could “logically” conceive of their wallets now or in future affording… we’d all, well most of us would, be in… the fine * mess we’re presently in!

[* many long years ago in a mental hospital—I know, I know, not many can relate to the last scene of “Joker” (2019; thank you for the wonderful performance Joaquin Phoenix)—my first real lady-friend (yes, she’s ‘insane’ too)… when I asked her how she was that early medicated in-patient morning… laughingly told me, “I’m finefucked-up, insecure, neurotic, and emotional!” And thus I learned what “fine” really means. Fine is simply is not enough, people!]

Great! Now that you have all those goals written down on paper, give yourself a pat on the back. That list = your life-goals. Don’t sell yourself short. Read them again. Does your include EVERYTHING you imagine you’d enjoy doing… no matter the financial cost? If so, good. What you just did is exercise the courage that will become confidence. If you don’t feel confidence yet, per se, understand two things: 1) you probably do, but don’t recognize it as such, no thanks to our faltering public education system… and, 2) you will. That simple.

GOALS precipitate SYSTEMS.

SYSTEM = A THEORETICAL OR PROVEN EFFECTIVE WAY OF UTILIZING ENERGY TO MAXIMIZE TIME… this ultimate efficiency is composed of… preparation (mindset, tools, support systems), storage (knowledge, accounts, assets), and execution (capital expenditure). Study this. Note that everything leads up to spending money. The trick is to spend money on the right things and in the right way. We aren’t taught about money in public schools. There is no instruction manual for money. So consider this as your “MONEY INSTRUCTION MANUAL”. My point is that money is a piece of a puzzle; it fits a certain mold. Your task is to create that mold and put money into it. Then you can watch money do its thing… which is to reproduce itself. “Well… ok, crazy man! But HOW am I supposed to get my meager savings to have babies?”

You just took the first step and exercised the courage to ask how.

And now, the only question truly is… how?


HOW is composed of knowledge… nothing more, nothing less. You will get heaps of knowledge here!

We will together retrain our brains to think of the words we take for granted we “know” the meanings of in a different, and by different I mean doable, light.

MIND = the sum total of past, present, and future experiences; includes and depends mostly on attitude, and secondarily on knowledge.

Focus on YOUR MIND! Not theirs. Not them. YOU!

This.. right here, right now… is the best starting point. People who need convincing are a-whole-nother monster! LOL! They simply lack confidence in themselves, as they were falsely told (not taught, because only truth can be taught) that confidence comes AFTER success. And that is a blatant false fact designed to keep you enslaved to your fears. True fact is… confidence happens when courage does. So, take courage and begin this process, now. This is HOW! 🙂

No matter how small your expenditure need is, especially when organizing your work environment or space… you always want to think in larger chunks composed of a 1 + as many zeros as you can achieve… $100… yeah, I need a pen and a notebook = “Yeah, I’ve got $100.” Then do it. Always this phrase, “Then (I) do it.” :^) Otherwise, your comfort-seeking mind WILL talk you out of it, and you know it, you’ve heard (and likely said) it all, “I need to save that for food.”, “Not quite yet.”, “Nope. Can’t afford it.”, κτλ [καὶ τὰ λοιπά {Kai Ta Liopa}, Greek, predates Latin etc {et cetera}; avoid the dead language (Latin) for all things not necessary to communicate abstractly, and especially how you see yourself, as this by the very nature of FREEDOM is a purely subjective experience based on more than just a distracting reinvention of the Greek wheel by the Unholy Order of Jesuits (much more later on reclaiming your mind from their infernal influence)].

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…no matter your age, income or experience.”


If you are done with the struggles, fear, prosperity gimmicks, and overwhelm that stop you cold every time you think about improving your finances…

…Then it’s time for YOU to become a Kingdom Wealth Builder!



wealth with purpose.

The Math = 100% = GIVE (≥ 50%) + INVEST (≤ 49%) + LIVE ON THE REST (< 1%)
TOPC is NOT about living frugally.
TOPC IS about doing the most good humanly possible.
Will you take 100 steps to achieve this too?

Who are we?

I will answer that question, with a question, and then answer that one.

Can ordinary people do extraordinary things?


We are a group of ordinary people, each on a journey toward leading ultimate lives of goodness of freedom.

We are enhancing all areas of life… the full suite of wealth… including wellness, finances, community, and our shared environment.

Success is the achievement of significant outcomes in personal and group growth.

We are people just like you, helping thousands… possibly millions… of other people succeed.

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Socialism never took root in the USA because the poor see themselves not as the exploited working class, but as the temporarily embarrassed wealthy.
{yet an other TBoan take & remake, of a remark * undoubtedly paraphrased from John Steinbeck’s article, “A Primer on the ’30s: For those who have forgotten what it was like . . . . For those too young to know . . . .” Esquire (June 1960); * presented unaccompanied by quotation marks in A Short History of Progress (2005) by Ronald Wright}

{“Owl with an Hourglass”, PKoller (creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/3.0/)}, {“”Rage Against The Machine“”}, {“””Body Count“””}