wealth with purpose.

Who are we?

I will answer that question, with a question, and then answer that one.

Can ordinary people do extraordinary things?


We are a group of ordinary people, each on a journey toward leading ultimate lives of goodness of freedom.

We are enhancing all areas of life… the full suite of wealth… including wellness, finances, community, and our shared environment.

Success is the achievement of significant outcomes in personal and group growth.

We are people just like you, helping thousands… possibly millions… of other people succeed.

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Socialism never took root in the USA because the poor see themselves not as the exploited working class, but as the temporarily embarrassed wealthy.
{yet an other TBoan take & remake, of a remark * undoubtedly paraphrased from John Steinbeck’s article, “A Primer on the ’30s: For those who have forgotten what it was like . . . . For those too young to know . . . .Esquire (June 1960); * presented unaccompanied by quotation marks in A Short History of Progress (2005) by Ronald Wright}